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Bomb blast in jalalabad Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan Islamic movement Fidai mahaz Mujahedeen. On Thursday at 8:50 pm. Took the responsibility of remote control bomb blast in nangarhar province momandara district grade ghouse village the blast was on boarder police check post (4) police ware killed (8) were injured. Fidai mahaz spokes man qari hamza. 3/13/2014

Bomb blast in turkham afghanistan

The Afghanistan Islamic movement fidai mahaz mujahedeen. On Thursday at 5:35 o’clock pm took the responsibility of remote control bomb blast in turkham border near to jalalabad province in which (7) border police were killed and (1) forghner intelligent officer were killed two others police man were injured. Fidai mahaz spokes man qari hamza. 3/13/2014

Nails Horner targeted by fidai mahaz movement in Afghanistan Kabul.

Today At 11 pm in Kabul wazir Akbar khan on 15 road. Targeted Nails Horner. Nails Horner was killed in this attack . He was not a journalist he was a spy of (M.I.6) he was a special worker of (M.I.6). He was targeted by fidai movement.Fidai mahaz Spokes man Qari Hamza. 3/11/2014

Attack On American By Fidai Islamic movement

today AT 3:00 pm 2/27/2014 . Blast On American In Kandahar. Daman Province Near To Airport. In Kalacho Villag . The Bomb Was Fitting On road Side . And The American was going by walk. and the fidai Mahaz was blast the bomb on them 7 American Soldiers ware Killed And the Other was injured . Fidai Mahaz Spokes man Qari Hamza. 27/2/2014

Afghanistan Kandahar Province near to afghan border Spin boldak. Fidai mahaz attack on border military Police.

The attack was yesterday Night at 8:50 PM. During attack 10 border military police war killed and the other was injured the attack was on Ahmad Khan. He was the commander of military police and this attack commander Haji Lala and commander Ameen Ullah war killed .Fidai mahaz spokes man Qari hamza.2/6/2014


To night At 7:30 Kandahar Province Spin Bolduk Near To Car Station.Fidai Mahaz Mujahideen Targeted. Police Commander Rahmatullah. He Was Killed By This Attack . Fidai Mahaz Spokes man Qari Hamza .



It is a clear truth that Afghanistan has been invaded since long by the enemies of Islam. and we are noticing it since the last decades. Among the enemies is India that has supported the long lasting oppression over the soil of Afghanistan and it is not their first support for the Kuffar on the pure land but they had continuous partnership with the soviet Union against the Mujahideen. When Mujahideen successfully defeated the Russian forces so the Indians delayed their support for a long time , but when the US forces invaded kabul they again proceeded the support with the hypocrite regime. After the defeat of SSR the Rabbani government again returned to them for help and catering. And when the Islamic Emirate was established by Taliban, India even refused to recognize it as a formal state because the Taliban had implemented full Shariah. When the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan collapsed so the Indians again entered with great pomp and show and this time they contributed too much as compared to their historical presence in Afghanistan. They installed intelligence agencies, broadcasting stations and playing a very devastating role in the demise of aghan culture. The Indians are investing in Kabul despite that there are million of people who have no roof to stay under it, no food to eat and no school to educate in it. Why it is then spending too much in Kabul. Is Kabul more beloved to them than their own cities. Never ever, but they are the strategic friends of the Kuffar and the hypocrite regime of Karzai. Indians have been reported to be giving training to the police and national army of Afghanistan, and they have a strong spying and intelligence network inside the country which have lead to the killings and assassinations of dozens of Mujahideen. Among the secrets are that the Indian agencies have given the Shaheen corps about 50 standard missiles and we know that they have some wrong intentions against Pakistan. India has boundary with Pakistan, why it does not target Pakistan form the borders. They are our common enemy and we know to fight them very well. We order them to leave Afghanistan otherwise we will not only fight them in Afghanistan, but we are having the capacity to perform serious attacks inside India and we will to it with the grace of ALLAH. Those who take heed have good examples in History. ENDED

The  Afghanistan  Islamic  Movement  Fidai  Mahaz  Announcement .

We tell to Media About Arsalla Jamall that he was A spy Of America And Others . he was Killed in Bomb blast we only killed Arsalla Jamall Governor Of Afghanistan Lugar . we didn't killed any innocent person there and we didn't destroy mosque and Quran majeed it's just the propaganda of afghan intelligence. against Us . afghan Government Told To afghan People there is no attack against afghan government. if There was attack on Arsalla Jammall . he was killed on that attack that’s way afghan intelligence telling lie to afghan People . there is no pace in Afghanistan. we can attack in every where of Afghanistan. and insha ALLAH we will continue our Attacks. against Afghan government and Neto forces. Fidai Mahaz Spokes Man Qari Hamza.

Afghanistan Logger Governor Arsalla Jammal Killed By Fidai Mahaz

Afghanistan Islamic Movement Fidai Mahaz. 2013-10-15 morning. 8:45 Am. Afghanistan Logger Province Governor Was Killed By Fitting Bomb. The Governor Arsala Jamml Is Killed . we Tell To The Enemy’s Of Mujahedeen. Insha Allah We Don’t Leave Anyone Of You. Fidai Mahaz Spokes Man Qari Hamza.

Fidai Attack In Afghanistan Jalalabad. police headquarter

Afghanistan Islamic movement Fidai Mahaz Mujahideen. Today Morning At. 8:10 Am. Fidai Attack On Afghan police headquarter Jalalabad City. the police headquarter. Is Completely Destroy By This Attack. Spokes men Qari Hamza.

Afghanistan Islamic movement Fidai Mahaz Attack in National Army of Afghanistan

Movement Mujahideen Destroy 5 tangs completely In Jalalabad Province Kagga Aria Makar Khail and 16 afghan national army killed. Today 2013-10-08 Am 11 O’clock Fidai Mahaz movement Attack By National Army Of Afghanistan And US Army .Spokesman of fidai mahaz qari hamza .

Two Spy Killed In Shirzad District

The brave and bold mujahideen of Islamic movement of fidai mahaz have killed two spy names (buneer and khan mohammad called khani) here in gandumak and marki khel area of district shirzad province ningarhar both of them were spying for puppet government and Americans Spokesman of fidai mahaz qari hamza .

Martyr attack kills 17 American invaders, injured 20 others

GHAZNI, 23\ 7\2013 _ A martyr attack carried out by a bold mujahid of Islam in Qarabagh district of Afghanistan’s southern Ghazni province has killed as many as 17 US terrorists and wounded more than 20 others. Early on Tuesday, a brave Mujahid of the Islam, Abdullah coming from Wardak province drove his car filled with explosive towards the heavily-guarded military convoy of the US en route to the center of Maqur district. At least 37 Americans killed and injured in this heavy explosion.

14 Americans killed and many others injured in a martyr attack

WARDAK, 23\7\2013 – As many as 14 US cowardly invaders killed and 6 others wounded early on Tuesday when a brave Mujahid of the Islam, conducted a martyr attack on the US military convoy hold in an area of district Syed Abad, wardak province and was about to go on an operation . A number of the enemy personnel carriers and armored fighting vehicles got destroyed in the huge explosion.

The brave mujahideen have attacked on military checkpoint

At least 2 puppets afghan army killed and destroyed the checkpoint completely. Last night at 1 am mujahideen attacked on afghan army checkpoint here in jigdalak district sarobi province Kabul

A vehicle of police is destroyed with remote control

11/07/ 2013 The brave and honest mujahideen of Islamic movement of fidai mahaz Has attacked a vehicle of the police with a remote control. The attack was carried out in kandahar city, near tere stop. All of the personnel died on the spot. Spokesman of fidai mahaz qari hamza

Afghan soldier kills nato colleague here in kandahar air port

An Afghan soldier has opened fire inside Kandahar international airport, killing a Slovakian Nato soldier and woundng six others, officials say. They say that the soldier fired from a security tower before being overpowered and detained.

61 Puppets troops killed and many wounded in martyrdom attack here in uruzgan province

URUZGAN. 6 July Latest information arriving from Tarinkot city says that the martyrdom strike against puppets enemy forces on Friday has killed and wounded as many as 61 puppets enemy personnel. The martyrdom attack carried out by a young hero of mujahideen (Bashir Ahmad wearing an explosives vest hit the enemy while they were gathering at 01:15 pm local time, collapsing the whole dining hall as well as killing and wounding 61 puppets. Officials say that the dead include commander matiullah provincial police afficer and his brother and many more.  

Fidai Mahaz Has Rejected Qatar's Negotiation

The Afghanistan Islamic movement of fidai mahaz has refused Qatar's negotiation and Taliban representation. Those who are going to negotiate with American they are not Afghans and they are not delegation of Afghanistan and afghan mujahideen. these are the servant of America. They want to sell our holy jihad and our holy martyrs. For a few dollars and for a seat in a government. Insha allah we will continue our holy jihad until American get out from Afghanistan. And we will bring a legal system in Afghanistan. We strongly reject this negotiation. Those who are going to negotiate with America like syed tayub agha, doctor Mohammad naeem wardag, suhail shaheen , qazi din Mohammad hanif, molave nek Mohammad and molave sheer Mohammad abbas. They are not afghan and can not represent Afghanistan they just working for America and they are their servants. They are traitor. Jihad is an obligatory on them. Like obligate on America. They are slaves of America. We are not accepting them and their negotiation and representation.

The brave mujahideen clashed with national army

17/6/2013 The brave and bold mujahideen of Islamic movement fidai mahaz have fought with afghan nationl army face to face in district alishang laghman province . In this assault many of puppet army killed and many more got injuries. Spokesman of fidai mahaz qari hamza .

Mujahideen Martyrs Attack On Kabul Airport

KABUL 10/6/2013 A martyr attacke hits Kabul International Airport today in Kabul city, the country’s capital, in this attack killing foreign and internal officials and troops and injuries happened to many others. They were 6 martyrs the first one Blasting his way into the Airport, the remaining five Mujahideen took several buildings, depots and bases under attack, opening fire foreign troops killing dozens of foreign terrorist troops and puppets.

The brave Mujahideen Of Fidai Mahaz Attacked On Local Police Checkpoint

8/6/2013-Today at 12 pm The brave and bold mujahideen of Islamic movement of fidai mahaz attacked on local police check point in district dawlat shah of laghman province. The result is three of local police killed and four of them injured and check point is completely destroyed and burned by mujahideen of fidai mahaz Spokesman of fidai mahaz qari hamza

Invaders Are Killed In Bombing And Many More Injured In Nawzad District

HELMAND, 6/6/2013 reports arrived from Nawzad district of Helmand province that a truck bombing inside a US base has killed 20 foreign invaders and dozens of injured. Detonate of truck was with heavy-duty explosives inside a base, located on the road in Angrak Karez area,the result destroying several tanks and vehicles parked inside the base . Witnesses say that the area has been off by enemy forces and are not allow any body near the blast area.

American goods and logistical Helicopter Fall Down In Sangin District

HELMAND, 6/6/2013 Reports arriving that the brave Mujahideen of islam has fall down a large US goods and logistical helicopter. The missile fired on Wednesday as the helicopter was flying over Charkhakyano Manda area, causing it to catch fire in mid-air before crashing into the ground; killing all crew aboard and their number of killing are unknown.

Missile Fired On US Military Base In Khogyani District Ningarhar Province

5/6/2013 the brave and bold mujahideen of Islamic movement of fidai mahaz fired three missiles last night at 12:30 pm on us military base in district khogyani ningarhar province the result is comes a lot of victims to the us army. Spokesman of fidai mahaz qari hamza

Fidai Mahaz Attacked And Fired Four Missiles On District Shirzad

5/6/2013 the brave and bold mujahideen of Islamic movement of fidai mahaz attacked and fired four missiles on district shirzad headquarter ningarhar province missiles are fired to the point the result much victims to the enemy Spokesman of fidai mahaz qari hamza

US Goods Airplane Fall Down In Bagram Airbase

The bold and brave mujahideen of Islamic movement fidai mahaz attacked on us goods air plane in bagram district parwan province near to bagram airbase. The plane falled down in airbase all of us army killed in the air plane who were setting in the plane the plane completely burned Spokesman qari hamza

Police Car Damaged By Remote Control

The honest and bold Mujahideen of the Islam has attacked a vehicle of the police with a remote control. The attack was carried out in the Helmand province, greshak district. Two of the police personnel killed on the spot and one is seriously injured

The Brave And Bold Mujahideen Attacked In Panjsheer Province

29/5/2013 the brave mujahideen of Islam has attackd in panjsheer province the target was p. r. t office which has been destroyed by mujahideen of Islam. The result is many killed specially u.s.a consultant the attack was began at early in the morning.

Clash Accured Between Mujahideen Of Fidai Mahaz And Local Police

28/5/2013 the brave and bold mujahideen of Islamic movement of fidai mahaz clash with local police called arbaki in district khan abad kunduz province. the clash started at 2:30 afternoon. And still we have no certain information of victims Spokesman of fidai mahaz qari hamza

Islamic Movement Of Fidai Mahaz Attacked On Border Police Headquarter

27/5/2013The brave and bold mujahideen of fidai mahaz have attacked on border police headquarter today's night 9 o'clock. This attack accured in khogiani district ningarhar province. And continued this war till one and half hour Spokesman qari hamza

US Army Killed In Tagab District

2013/5/27 The brave mujahideen of Islamic movement of fidai mahaz attacked on us army result 8 killed and 5 more hardly injurd today in kapeesa province district tagab adeezi area Spokesman of fidai mahaz qari hamzi

A Famous Local Police Called Arbaki Rookhan Killed

Mujahideen of Islamic movement fidai mahaz killed A famous local police (rookhan) called arbaki in baazkhil village district khogiani ningarhar province. Spokesman of fidai mahaz qari hamza

Mujahideen Attacked On Local Police Common Base .

22nd may- the bold and brave mujahideen of fidai mahaz have attacked on a local police headquarters in laghman province district alishang. Result of this attack is many losses to the enemy Spokes man qari hamza

The brave and bold Mujahideen of the Fidai Front have attacked a military checkpoint

May.6 – The brave and bold Mujahideen of the Islamic movement Fidai Front have attacked a military checkpoint through an IED. The attack was conducted in the Takhar province, Shkamishk district near Pule kharkar locality.The explosion resulted in a huge blast and numerous policemen were killed and wounded.

Afghan Roadside Bomb Kills US Soldiers

May.5 – At least five US soldiers serving as part of the NATO forces have been killed by a roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan, officials have said. The troops died in an improvised explosive device (IED) attack, NATO's International Security Assistance Force confirmed in a statement on Saturday. "Five American soldiers were killed at about noon when their armoured vehicle hit a powerful roadside mine in Maiwand district

A strong assault on the military base in Kapisa province by the great Mujahideen of Fidai front

May.5 – The most brave and courageous Mujahideen of the Fidai front attacked a military base in Kapisa Province of Afghanistan. The attack was carried out in Nijraw district near Giyavi area. The attacked lasted one hour and the chief policeman of the Nijraw district is killed and numerous others wounded.

Afghan, Pakistani border guards clash

May.3 – Afghan and Pakistani border guards have clashed near the controversial Durand Line and one Afghan guard has been killed and two Pakistani guards have been wounded, sources from both sides say.

IED kills three US-led troopers in southern Afghanistan

May.1 – Three US-led foreign soldiers have been killed by an improvised explosive device (IED) in southern Afghanistan, the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) says. “Three International Security Assistance Force service members died following an improvised explosive device attack in southern Afghanistan today,” said the Western military alliance in a statement on Tuesday. On Wednesday, officials said that the three were British soldiers from the Royal Highland Fusiliers.

‘Mujahideen vows to step up attacks’

April. 29 – The Mujahideen has pledged to step up its attacks on the US-led foreign forces in the country and the Afghan government. A new wave of offensives will begin on April 28, adding the militants are set to employ new military tactics.

US-led helicopter goes down in south Afghanistan

April. 27 – A helicopter operated by the US-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) has crashed in the troubled southern Afghanistan, and all the persons inside have died

6 US-Nato troops killed in Ghazni

April. 25 – At least 6 invading troops were killed Monday morning in Qarabagh district, Ghazni province after Mujahideen attacked their armored tank with improvise explosives. The tank got smashed into pieces in the powerful blast.

Mujahideen of the Islamic movement Fidai front killed six Americans

April. 22 – The brave and honest Mujahideen of the Islamic movement Fidai front killed six American soldiers. This Fierce and face to face fighting erupted in Kunduz Province, Khan Abad district near Choghi Pul area. This fighting resulted in the death of Six Americans and three others seriously got injured. One tank of the Crusaders was completly destroyed and Mujahideen with the Grace of Allah returned to their places without bearing any loss and casualities.

A vehicle of Local security personnel is detstroyed with remote control

April. 22 – The honest and bold Mujahideen of the Fidai front has attacked a vehicle of the local security personnel called ARBAKI with a remote control. The attack was carried out in the Baghlan province, Dand Ghori district near Haji Asghar khan road. Two of the personnel died on the spot and three were seriously injured

10 puppets killed, 14 injured as 5 enemy check posts overrun in northern Afghanistan

April. 22 – Mujahideen amid a large-scale offensive against enemy forces in northern Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province, overran and destroyed 5 of the enemy’s posts based in the Wardoj district of this province through much of Thursday. At least 10 puppets were killed and 14 others wounded in the attacks and resulting fights. Mujahideen combatants captured 7 PK machineguns, 4 RPGs and some of the clandestine combat arms

Mujahideen attacked Kabul Airport

April. 21 – The brave and bold Mujahideen of the Fidai Front has attacked Kabul airport with a unique weapon. The attack was conducted at 10AM. A number of airplanes were destroyed and demolished in the Kwajarwash airport attack. The Crusaders have borne serious damages and calamities. This attack is termed as one of the worst attacks in the ongoing year in Afganistan.

Mujahideen destroyed a Ranger with IED in Kunduz province

April. 18 – The courageous and brave Mujahideen of the Fidai front has successfully detonated a remote control bomb which destroyed a Ranger vehicle entirely. The vehicle was carrying the personnel of the Afghan national army. The incident took place in the Tarakhel area of the Kunduz province. Attack of the same nature was conducted yesterday as well in the same province by the Mujahideen. The attack resulted in the death of 2 personnel and several others were injured.

Mujahideen destroyed a Ranger pick up with IED

April. 15 –The determined and brave Mujahideen of the Fidai front has detonated and IED under a Ranger which was carrying the so called national army. The operation was conducted this morning at 8.30 AM in the the Tarakhel district, Baghlan province of Afghanistan. The attack led to the death of all the six military personnel present in the vehicle. The Fidai front has increased its operations against the enemy as the weather is getting warm

Helicopter destroyed amid attack on Jalalabad Airbase

April. 13 – Mujahideen attacked Jalalabad airfield, one of the US airbase in the provincial capital of Nangarhar province today. According to the reports, three missiles stormed by landed within the airbase, destroying a helicopter inside the base

American soldiers come under multiple ambushes

April.9- American terrorist troops suffered deadly losses in Zangawat region’s Gerandi area, Panjwaee, after Mujahideen ambushed the enemy foot patrol. The cowardly enemy later shot indiscriminate mortar rounds into the surrounding areas which left 7 children and 1 Mujahid injured.

NATO airstrike kills Afghan children

April.8- At least 11 children have been killed in a NATO airstrike in Kunar province in eastern Afghanistan. The children were killed during a joint Afghan-NATO operation against Mujahideen in the Shigal district of restive Kunar province bordering Pakistan late on Saturday.

Mujahideen torches US military vehicles in Afghanistan’s Bagram center

April.7- The Mujahideen have reported that they have attacked the Bagram Detention Center in Afghanistan’s northeastern province of Parwan, torching a number of trucks and tankers.

Mujahideen of Fidai front storms national military

April.6- Today evening the bravest Mujahideen of Fidai front of Afghanistan attacked the so called national army. The national army came under heavy fire on 4PM. The incident took place in Batikot district, Koti Mandi locality. In this assault 4 personnel of the puppet army were killed and two got injured. (Spokesman of Fidai fron: Qari Hamza)

April.1- Mujahideen combatants fired missiles at the PRT base of the invading troops in Gilan district, Ghazni province. A number of the sells struck the facility, likely to have caused the enemy deadly losses.

Mujahideen gun down Arbaki officer in Shindand

March.31- Mujahideen gunned down and killed a hireling Arbaki officer in Bakhtabad area of Zer Koh district before safely leaving the area. He was one of the worst enemy and very cruel who used to fight against the Mujahideen day and night

Attack on enemy army post three dead, one injured

March.27-Three puppets were killed and another wounded with a vehicle destroyed following an attack by Mujahideen on Tuesday. Mujahideen used heavy and light weapons, targeting the enemy army post based in watapur district of Kunar province.

International News

US military plane 'crashes' in Kyrgyzstan

May.4 – A US military refuelling plane has caught fire in mid air and crashed near the border between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan's Emergencies Ministry said. The aircraft took off from the US military transit centre on Friday at Kyrgyzstan's Manas airport, which US forces maintain for operations in Afghanistan, the Interfax news agency reported. The plane, used for inflight refuelling, disappeared from radar screens at 3:10 pm (0910 GMT), as it flew near the Kyrgyz village of Chaldovar, the ministry said

US wildfire doubles in size, covers 18,000 acres

May.4 – A wildfire burning through coastal wilderness in the US state of California has nearly doubled in size since Friday morning, growing to almost 18,000 acres.

Israel 'launches' airstrike into Syria

May.4 – Israel has launched an airstrike into Syria, which is another chapter of the contemporary history of the muslims. The current attack is inclined towards the Al Nusrah front and the Mujahideen have firmly wowed to fight back

Myanmar Muslims fear safety amid fresh attacks

May.2- Muslims in Myanmar say they fear for their safety after a fresh outbreak of deadly attacks by mobs of Buddhist extremists on their community in the country. A day after hundreds of Buddhist mobs armed with bricks stormed a group of Muslim villages in Okkan, about 70 miles (110 kilometers) north of Yangon, local people, who escaped and hid in forests, spoke about their experience

Bomb destroys police station in Libya’s Benghazi

May.2-A bomb attack has destroyed a police station in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi but caused no report about the casualties is known, a security source says.

US maintains troops in Mali backing French forces

May.1- The US military has deployed forces to the African nation of Mali to support the invading French troops there despite repeated pledges by the Obama administration not to send American soldiers to the war-ravaged country. Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Robert Firman said 100 US military personnel are currently in Mali to offer “liaison support” to French and African forces and 120 more are assigned to the American Embassy in Mali’s capital of Bamako,

Syria opposition denounces Hezbollah 'threat

May.1-Syria's opposition has denounced what it called "threats" from the head of Hezbollah, and warned against any intervention by the movement or by Iran, which backs the Lebanese group, in the Syrian conflict. The Syrian National Coalition's (SNC) statement on Wednesday comes after Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah's leader, said Syrian rebels will not be able to defeat Bashar al-Assad's regime militarily

Gunmen surround Libya foreign ministry

April. 28 – Gunmen have surrounded Libya's foreign ministry in the capital Tripoli to push demands that officials who had worked for deposed leader Muammar Gaddafi's government be banned from senior positions in the new administration. At least 20 pick-up trucks loaded with anti-aircraft guns blocked the roads on Sunday, while men armed with AK-47s and sniper rifles directed the traffic away from the building, witnesses said. Esaam al-Naas, a Libyan military official, said there were at least 200 armed men surrounding the ministry building.

38 die in hospital blaze in Russia

April. 26 –At least 38 people, including two medical workers, have been killed in a fire that broke out at a psychiatric hospital in Russia, authorities say. The deadly blaze erupted around 2:30 a.m. local time on Friday in Psychiatric Hospital 14 , on the outskirts of the Russian capital, Moscow

US took my innocent sons away

April. 26 – The mother of the two brothers suspected of carrying out the Boston bombings says her sons are innocent and that the United States took them away from her. Zubeidat Tsarnaev made the remarks at a press conference in the Russian Republic of Dagestan on Thursday. She accused the US security services of “needlessly and cruelly” killing her eldest son, and expressed regret that the family ever moved to the US several years ago.

Two kidnapped Syrian bishops freed

April. 24 – Church official says two bishops who were abducted by gunmen while travelling in northern Syria have been released. Greek Orthodox Bishop Tony Yazigi said the kidnapped priests, Bishop Boulos Yazigi of the Greek Orthodox Church and Bishop John Ibrahim of the Assyrian Orthodox Church, were released on Tuesday and arrived safely in the city of Aleppo

Clashes near Kirkuk leave 27 dead

April. 23 –Clashes between the Iraqi forces and Mujahideen near the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk have left 27 people dead. According to a statement by Iraq’s Ministry of Defense, the armed clash erupted after militants in the town of Hawija opened fire at the security forces on Tuesday. 21 of the dead were from the security forces, the report said.

185 killed in clashes in NE Nigeria

April. 22 – At least 185 people have been killed in northeastern Nigeria in clashes between the country’s military forces and Boko Haram militants, officials say. Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for a number of deadly gun and bomb attacks in various parts of Nigeria since 2009. When we reinforced and returned to the scene the terrorists (Mujahideen) came out with heavy firepower, including (rocket-propelled grenades), which usually has a conflagration effect," the general said.

Report documents 'Rohingya persecution

April. 22 – Rights group says Myanmar's minority Muslim group has been subjected to ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. According to the report released on Monday, entitled All You Can Do is Pray, more than 125,000 ethnic Rohingya have been forcibly displaced since two waves of violence in May and October 2012. Satellite images show almost 5,000 structures on land mostly owned by Muslim Rohingya have been destroyed, says the report.

Nine killed, dozens injured in attacks targeting Iraqi mosques

April. 19 – At least eight people have been killed and dozens more injured in two separate attacks targeting mosques north of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. Seven people were killed after mortars hit a mosque in the town of Khalis, 80 kilometers north of Baghdad, as worshippers were leavening the mosque following the Friday Prayers and all the victims were Sunni.

Egyptians protesters call on Riyadh to release prisoners held without charge

April.18- Egyptian demonstrators have gathered outside the Saudi Embassy in the capital, Cairo, calling on Riyadh authorities to release Egyptian prisoners held in the kingdom without charge. Shouting slogans against the Saudi regime on Wednesday, the protesters also demanded the freedom of Egyptian lawyer and rights activist Ahmed al-Gizawi, who has been arrested on charge of drug trafficking in Saudi Arabia in April, 2012.

Iran: Dozens of aftershocks follow deadly earthquake

April.12- More than 80 aftershocks have hit south-west Iran following Tuesday's 6.1 magnitude earthquake, which killed at least 37 people and injured 850. Twelve villages were completely destroyed and terrified residents spent the night in the open, reports say. Iran's Red Crescent says the search and rescue operation is now over and affected families are being relocated.

Three weeks of flooding kills 36, displaces over 2,000 in Kenya

April.12- A senior civil servant says at least 36 people have lost their lives and over 2,000 families have been displaced in three weeks of flooding in Kenya. Andrew Mondoh, the second-in-command at the Special Programs Ministry, said on Thursday that heavy rains have led to “the loss of 36 lives… property and infrastructure” and the flooding has displaced “2,393 households”.

Deadly car bomb rocks central Damascus

April.9- A car bomb in central Damascus has killed at least 19 people and injured 53, Syrian state television has reported. The Syrian Central Bank is located nearby. A correspondent with the AFP news agency said the blast caused extensive damage and that intense gunfire could be heard shortly afterwards. Television images showed thick black smoke billowing from damaged cars and several bodies lying in the street.

Egypt’s President Morsi condemns deadly clashes in Cairo

April.9- Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi has condemned recent deadly clashes between Christians and Muslims that followed the funeral of four Coptic Christians in Cairo. One person was killed and several others wounded in the capital on Sunday when clashes erupted outside the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral during the funeral ceremony. “I consider any attack on the cathedral an attack against myself,” Morsi said in a Sunday statement. The Egyptian president also called for “an immediate investigation” into the violence.

Syria could become another Afghanistan

April.8- Army General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, says he believes Syria could turn into another Afghanistan. The US general made the remarks in an interview on Sunday with al-Hurra, the Arabic-language satellite TV channel, funded by Washington.

Iraq: Tikrit police HQ hit by deadly tanker bomb attack

April.5- An attacker has blown up a tanker lorry at the police HQ in the Iraqi city of Tikrit, killing at least seventeen people. A majority of the casualties and injured are thought to have been police officers. al-Qaeda has vowed to step up attacks on Shia and official targets this year, in an attempt to weaken the Shia-led government.

‘Bomber kills policeman in Pakistan’

April.3-One policeman has been killed and six others including four civilians wounded after a bomber hit a police patrol in northwestern Pakistan. The bomb attack took place on Saturday at a market in Katalang, 50 kilometers (30 miles) northeast of Peshawar, the capital of restive Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province which borders Afghanistan.

‘Myanmar violence death toll hits 43’

March.30- The death toll from recent violence against Muslims in central Myanmar has risen to 43 with more than 1,300 homes and other buildings having been destroyed. The report was released on Saturday as the New Light of Myanmar newspaper said the violence left 11,376 people homeless

French war creates humanitarian crisis in Mali

March.28- The French-led war in Mali has caused a serious humanitarian crisis and has displaced tens of thousands of people, many of whom reside in refugee camps in neighboring countries in deplorable conditions. Malian refugees, who have fled to their western neighbor, Mauritania, have said they have no plans to return. They said they fear insecurity and reprisals due to the ongoing French-led war on the country. Some 74,000 Malians have taken refuge in Mbera camp in Mauritania alone

Pyongyang warns of nuclear war due to South Korea-US provocations

March.27- North Korea says it is informing the United Nations of an imminent nuclear war on the Korean peninsula due to provocations from Washington and Seoul. "Our people and army are entering the final stage of preparations for war against the United States to defend their country's dignity and sovereignty," the North Korean foreign ministry said in a Tuesday statement carried by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

Twenty muslims killed as extremist Myanmar Buddhists torch mosques

March.23- At least twenty people in Myanmar have been killed with five wounded as extremist Buddhists set fire to several mosques in the city of Meiktila. "The situation is unpredictable," said a local man, adding, "I can't guess what will happen next. The violence could get worse.

US sets up new drone base in Niger

March.22- The United States has set up a drone base in Niger apparently to back up French troops in Mali and to fight al-Qaeda in Africa, a report says. On February 22, US President Barack Obama announced that 100 US military personnel had been sent to Niger to provide “support for intelligence collection” and to “facilitate intelligence sharing with French forces conducting operations in Mali, and with other partners in the region

UK sends €1m cash to British troops in crisis-hit Cyprus

Britain’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has sent €1million, about £860,000, on board to Cyprus as a “contingency measure” to help British troops in the country’s worsening bank crisis. The Royal Air Force (RAF) plane was sent to Cyprus-based troops in case banks stop giving out cash, as the country deals with the fallout from a controversial Eurozone bailout.20.3.2013

Blasts across Baghdad

Car bombs and roadside blasts have killed at least 56 people and injured 88 others in Shia districts across the Iraqi capital Baghdad, police and hospital sources have said. Ten car bombs, including two detonated by suicide bombers, one roadside bomb and two gun attacks struck in and around the Iraqi capital during morning rush hour on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the US-led invasion. Sunni fighters tied to al-Qaeda have stepped up their campaign of attacks this year in an attempt to trigger sectarian tensions and undermine Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's Shia-led government.19.3.2013

Palestinians trample on Obama banner ahead of visit

Palestinians have held a demonstration in the occupied West Bank against the upcoming visit of US President Barack Obama and destroyed a banner bearing Obama's image. On Monday, they trampled on the banner, drove over it in cars, and then burned it in the West Bank city of Bethlehem.19.3.2013